Wasted time and cold coffee

Dear Kim,

So I wasted my writing time this morning.

It’s like you came over here, and I felt the need to get a few things done before we sat down to talk. But by the time I finished wading through, you had to leave. And you very politely set down your cup of cold coffee and said “maybe another time.”

And as you left, I hoped that you were a good friend and would understand.

‘Cause see, there’s a lot on my mind that I want to chat with you about. Like my new sponsored child Surayut and my weirdness over picking out which poor kid I’m going to care about. And my obsession with Shaun Groves’ thoughts about Downward Mobility. (That kid is speaking my language right now…) And my difficulties as a┬ámodern liberated woman with adjusting to new roles in the family.

But I guess all of those things will have to wait until the next time we can get together. Because my coffee is cold too, and somewhere in the house, I’m pretty sure there’s at least one child with nefarious intentions…and a pebble in his sling.

Love, M

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2 thoughts on “Wasted time and cold coffee

  1. Molly, if you only knew all the missed opportunities where I was gonna call you…just as soon as I clean up this one thing…(:

    But for real, you do need to post and/or call me about Surayut! So excited! That precious child will be so blessed by your wonderful family! Love you!

  2. wow, nice article by shaun groves. so very true. yikes. am i missing it?? i pray each day to seek His way, His will. Lord, help me see the opportunities in the ditches of life and not just in the gleaming castles…coincidently (which is when God acts anonymously, they say), i read psalm 49 this morning. He is making in me a new heart…gotta love it!

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